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Most of the critters living on Hârn are normal animals, and most of these aren't usually a threat to PCs. Refer to GURPS Bestiary for examples; as a general rule of thumb, assume that the fauna is similar to that of northern Europe. There are large regions of wilderness, but in all areas the dominant carnivore species is either human, Sindarin, Khuzdul or Gargun. This doesn't mean that other carnivores (wolves, etc) don't exist, but you're more likely to be stalked and eaten by Gargun.

Some "fantastic" beasts also exist. In particular, there are the multitudes of the Ivashu, which exist in an unlimited number of variations -- they are created, so it is said, by the god Ilvir, and let loose upon the world through the place where His dwelling touches ours, at Araka-Kalai in the central wilderness. An Ivashu may look like anything and behave like anything and have any sort of strange powers. Most of them are not very intelligent, but some may be smarter than humans. Many of them are unique, but some forms are repeated often enough to be called "species" -- although, apparently, they never reproduce on their own, and all are neuter. Also, there is a large variety of spirit creatures (dealt with in a section of their own), and there are a few species that exist on Kethira but not (so it would seem) on Terra.

Aklash, the Vessel of the Choking Wind

ST: 22 Move/Dodge: 7/6. Size: 1 (upright).
DX: 12 PD/DR: 1/3. Weight: 300-400 lbs.
IQ: 8 Dam.: 3d+2 cut. Origin: SF (Ivashu).
HT: 14/20 Reach: C,1. Habitats: M, S, F.

The Aklash are one of the most common types of Ivashu; they look like ugly manforms with rubbery skin and rotund figures (sort of like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and they're good swimmers). They are carnivores who gladly eat humans and anything else, and usually hunt in small packs (2-6); they are very sneaky and may use weapons (clubs, etc) although they rarely need to since they have fearsome claws and teeth (but they're quite capable of untying knots and so on). Aklash also have an extremely evil smell, and their breath is even fouler than their presence; in fact, it may function as a squirted irritant venom (SS 12, Acc 12, Max 5) of level 1d6 (roll for each use).

Asiri, Minor Spirits of Air

ST: 8 Move/Dodge: 15/10.
DX: 13 Fatigue: 10-20.
IQ: 10 Will: 10.
HT: 11 Alertness: 12.

Asiri are Spririts and use the rules from GURPS Voodoo. They are strongly connected with the element of Air (although they are not "elementals" as described in GURPS Magic, they're sometimes refered to as such), and many of them have some measure of Magery (generally of Lyahvi type) as well as the normal Spirit abilities. They are not usually hostile, but rather mischievous; they can be very dangerous (usually in roundabout, subtle ways) if offended. Their preferred "look" when they manifest themselves (at least in front of humans) is as a small, ethereal, vaguely humanoid figure floating through the air. The stats given are for "ordinary" Asiri; much more powerful ones exist, but they're progressively rarer (just increase some or all of their attributes, in particular IQ and Fatigue, to your heart's content).


ST: 80-160 Move/Dodge: 6/5. Size: 10-20.
DX: 13 PD/DR: 2/8. Weight: 2-3 tons.
IQ: 12 Damage: Depends. Habitats: M, F.
HT: 15/50-100 Reach: C,1,2. Origin: ML.

These statistics are representative of "adult" dragons, young ones will be smaller and proportionately weaker (about the size of a dog upon hatching, say ST 10; young dragons also have thinner hides, starting at DR 1 or 2). Dragons have a place in Hârnic folklore, but it seems there have been no dragons reliably sighted by civilized Hârnians within recorded history; there may not be any dragons on Hârn at all these days. Then again, who knows what might just be stirring from its slumber?

Dragons are either "fire dragons" (Ahnerin) or "cold dragons" (Dhiverin), and their magical breath attack reflects their nature. This form of attack generally does damage in a 30-degree cone out from the dragon's mouth, with a number of dice equal to one-quarter of the dragon's ST, less one die per yard of distance; it costs the dragon one point of Fatigue to use (and requires 1d6 seconds of inhaling before it is ready for use). Also, dragons may bite (Impaling bite damage, 4 to 8 dice for adults), strike with their claws (thrust/cut damage, 9 to 17 dice for adults) or use a tail sweep to the rear (swing/crush damage, 11 to 19 dice for adults).

Dragons have a basic Sense roll of 16, and at least 6 levels of Strong Will. Also, they've generally got at least one level of Magery and know a lot of spells. Fortunately, they're not necessarily hostile, or at least the legends about them would seem to indicate this.

Elmithri, Minor Spirits of Water

ST: 8 Move/Dodge: 5/5.
DX: 10 Fatigue: 10-20.
IQ: 9 Will: 9.
HT: 11 Alertness: 9.

These are "quasi-elemental" spirits connected with water. In general, they are weak and cowardly spirits, but they can be malicious (in sneaky and underhanded ways), though they're usually harmless until offended. Usually. They use the Spirit rules from GURPS Voodoo, and some of them are also possessed of some Magery (they're effectively Odivshe Shek-Pvar). More powerful Elmithri also exist, but they're progressively rarer.

Gytevsha, Nightmare Bringers

ST: 10 Move/Dodge: 8/6.
DX: 12 Fatigue: 15-30.
IQ: 9 Will: 11.
HT: 11 Alertness: 12.

These are, so it is said, the demon servants of Naveh. The statistics represent the weakest (and most common) of the lesser Gytevsha; individuals may be more powerful in just about any respect. They are Spirits as described in GURPS Voodoo; the only special ability they all share is that their manifestation (whether physical or only visual) demands a Fright Check from humans, but individual Gytevsha may have other special powers. Their goal in existence is basically to do their divine master's bidding as messengers and observers; if they can scare some humans along the way, so much the better. Individual Gytevsha may be assigned the task of driving a specific human insane or dead; some are also used as "demonic familiars" for corruptible human magicians, etc.

Hru, the Stone Giants

ST: 55 Move/Dodge: 6/4. Size: 2 (upright).
DX: 10 PD/DR: 2/6. Weight: 3-4 tons.
IQ: 10+ Dam.: 6d cr. Origin: SF (Ivashu).
HT: 16/40 Reach: C,1. Habitats: M.

The Hru are somewhat enigmatic; it is not clear what they eat (if anything) or what they do with their time. They are only found in the mountains, where they live in small groups and sit around chatting in their extremely low-pitched and slow language. Generally, they are peaceful, but incredibly dangerous if angered. They look like rough, unfinished statues, and may often be mistaken for large rocks (especially when stationary, and seen through fog or by moonlight; they are more often active at night than in the day).

Ilme, the Mere-Dragon

ST: 36-45 Move/Dodge: 7/5. Size: 7-9.
DX: 11 PD/DR: 1/4. Weight: 2-3 tons.
IQ: 10 Dam.: thr-2 cut. Origin: SF.
HT: 15/30-40 Reach: C,1. Habitat: S.

These creatures look much like dragons, but have no wings, nor do they breathe fire. They are good swimmers (normal Move in water) and, while not amphibious, can hold their breath for about 10 minutes. They are intelligent and have a language, but they are shy of humans and, even though their forepaws seem like they'd serve well as hands, their technology such as it is is even cruder than that of B&B rabbits. The females are larger than the males, and more foul tempered. Alternative attacks to the listed claw (the damage of which depends on the ST of the individual Ilme) include a bite (2d cut) or a tail swipe to the rear hexes (swing/crushing damage). Ilme are, apparently, only found in the Ilmen marsh and the nearby Tontury Lake (in eastern Kaldor); very little is known about them (by humans in general, at any rate).

Nolah, the Dank Stalker (Hârnic Troll)

ST: 14-20 Move/Dodge: 7/8. Size: 1.
DX: 13 PD/DR: 1/3. Weight: 200-300 lbs.
IQ: 11 Dam.: thr/crush. Origin: SF (Ivashu).
HT: 14/19-25 Reach: C,1. Habitat: Sub.

One of the most feared types of Ivashu, the Nolah is a solitary hunter which has often been known to stalk and hunt humans. It often uses some sort of weapon, usually a club or something else that can be picked up (although they are very clever and cunning, and understand how to use and particularly how to sabotage TL 3 machinery, they don't make things themselves). It has several special abilities: Injury Tolerance vs. Everything (nothing causes bonus damage either for type or location), Regeneration (one point per minute), and the ability to squeeze its bulk into crevices and through cracks the size of mail drops. Most horrible of all is its ability to Charm a victim; this ability may be used up to four kilometers away, and subjugates the victim if the Nolah wins a Quick Contest of Will -- the victim will become passive and lethargic, and will obey simple commands (such as "leave your post and climb down to under the bridge"). If the victim is attacked by the Nolah, or when it seems appropriate, roll a new Contest. In any case, no Nolah may ever attempt to Charm a victim it has previously tried and failed to Charm. However, victims of failed Charm attempts will not under normal circumstances notice the attempt, so it's no good as a warning of Nolah presence. Nolah are roughly humanoid but very ugly, and have a cold, wet, clammy clay-like skin (which may be mistaken for clay by touch and sight, so it's possible to be fumbling all over a Nolah without realizing it, if you're going somewhere you shouldn't and the Nolah has pressed itself up against the wall and partially into the cracks in it). Nolah live in damp, dark, cold places.

The Ogarna

ST: 30 Move/Dodge: 1. Size: 7.
DX: 10 PD/DR: 1/5. Weight: 2 tons.
IQ: 16 Damage: 3d Cr. Habitat: F.
HT: 15/60 Reach: C-3. Origin: SF (Ivashu).

The Ogarna is an example of rare or unique Ivashu; only one has ever been reported (though Ilvir may make more, presumably). It resembles a large starfish with seven arms and thick golden skin; it has a central mouth/digestive system with lots of tiny teeth and powerful digestive acids. The tentacles have a Dodge of 8, and may be used to strike (the damage listed is for this attack) or for grabbing and constriction. It can also rise up and walk slowly on them, but this activity is fatiguing and it can only more a few miles per day. It's a quite sedentary creature, and not necessarily hostile -- it will eat anything organic, following the path of least resistance. It also has powerful telepathic abilities: Telepathy Power 15, and the skills Telereceive, Telesend, Telecontrol and Mental Blow all at level 16.


ST: 20 Move/Dodge: 6. Size: 1.
DX: 11 PD/DR: 1/2. Weight: 200 lbs.
IQ: 15 Damage: By weapon. Habitat: F, M.
HT: 15/20 Reach: C,1. Origin: SF (Ivashu).

This somewhat rare form of Ivashu is in fact a symbiont creature. The Polan component is a large humanoid shape; the Tekek looks like a cross between a crab and a slug, and rides on the back of the Polan's neck. They're almost never found separately, since the Polan itself lacks the intelligence to smash two rocks together while the Tekek is almost immobile and can only ingest nutrients from the bloodstream of another living creature (it lives permanently plugged into the circulatory and nervous systems of the Polan). Polan-Tekek are not necessarily hostile, and some may befriend humans. Some of them have Magery and know several spells; there are people who believe that the first human mages were in fact taught by a Polan-Tekek.

Serpent People Ivashu

ST: 20 Move/Dodge: 6. Size: 5-10.
DX: 10 PD/DR: 1/4. Weight: 200 lbs.
IQ: 7 Damage: 1d cut. Habitat: Sub.
HT: 15/30 Reach: C,1. Origin: SF (Ivashu).

Another example of "rare or unique" Ivashu (one case has been reported), this creature can change shape between human and serpent form. The stats are for the serpent; in its human form it will apparently have normal human stats and abilities. Changing form takes a few seconds, and will usually be done in solitude. The serpentform Ivashu is very flexible, and can stretch itself and squeeze itself through narrow cracks and fissures. The bite attack also injects Type C venom doing 6d damage, and the serpent may use a constriction attack.

Umbathri, the Bearer of the Mask (Hârnic Gargoyle)

ST: 10 Move/Dodge: 9. Size: 1.
DX: 14 PD/DR: 1/1. Weight: 100 lbs.
IQ: 13 Damage: By weapon. Origin: SF (Ivashu).
HT: 14 Reach: C,1. Habitat: Any.

Umbathri are exceedingly ugly (what do you expect, they're called "gargoyles") but seem to be harmless except that seeing one (at least unexpectedly) should cause a Fright Check (they're really ugly). They roam around, or sit around, in groups of 4d6; they appear to be immune to attacks from nonmagical (i.e. nearly all) weapons or mundane things like fire and cold; it is not known whether they eat. They may have a language of their own, or all that stuff they're always gibbering may only be gibberish; they're apparently very intelligent but never close to any semblance of sanity. They may fight and use weapons, but usually don't. They might know magic or have other strange talents, who knows; it seems they've got a natural ability to disappear and reappear again later, possibly at a different location.

V'hir, the Greater Demons

ST: 30 Move/Dodge: 7/6. Size: 1.
DX: 14 PD/DR: 1/3. Weight: 200 lbs.
IQ: 15 Damage: By weapon. Origin: SF (demons).
HT: 14/28 Reach: C,1. Habitat: Any.

These are said to be servants, or generals, of the god Agrik. That may be true, or it might not; they might not even exist, since hardly anyone even claims to have seen one. Actually, their description leads one to assume that "V'hir" is Hârnic for Balrog, with the expected aura of fire and bat wings and swords and scourges and so on. If you do run across one, it'll be armed and have a weapon skill of at least 16, and you won't be able to hurt it at all unless you have offensive magic, and it's certainly immune to fire. In fact, it may breathe fire, and it flies too. Or so they say.

Vlasta, the Eater of Eyes

ST: 6 Move/Dodge: 13/7. Size: <1.
DX: 19 PD/DR: 4/0. Weight: 20 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 1d-4 cut. Origin: SF (Ivashu).
HT: 10/4 Reach: C. Habitat: Sub.

Looking like a cross between a miniature kangaroo and a mutant chicken, this hyperactive little nasty can leap up to 7 yards and usually hunts in packs of 2d6. It's quite small and dismayingly fast and hard to hit, but quite fragile (Crushing attacks get a 50% damage bonus just like Cutting attacks, due to their thin and hollow bones). The name derives from their penchant for leaping at people's faces and clawing at their eyes, which they love to rip out and eat, yuck.

Yelgri, the Hârnic Harpy

ST: 11 Move/Dodge: 5. Size: 1.
DX: 10 PD/DR: 1/1. Weight: 70 lbs.
IQ: 6 Damage: By weapon. Origin: SF.
HT: 10/8 Reach: C,1. Habitat: M.

Yelgri look, and act, somewhat like baboons or chimpanzees with batlike wings. They fly (at Move 10), and inhabit mountainous areas where they contend with Gargun for food; they are omnivores but prefer meat. They live in extended clan-tribes and usually try to chase off any perceived threat by flying above and dropping rocks and offal on said threat. They seem to have some ability as toolmakers (their hands are about as good as a human's) but haven't gone beyond wooden spears; they do not make use of fire. It is unclear whether they have language; their IQ stat is an estimate, but they don't seem much smarter than that.

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